Honoring St. Joseph in Prayer

On October 8, Knights along with family members, and other parishioners, attended a special prayer service in the chapel, led by Deacon Dan. The service, honoring St. Joseph and part of the Knights of Columbus Pilgrim Icon Program, included reading of Sacred Scripture texts and short writings by the last three popes on St Joseph. Custom prayer booklets were also created specifically for the service.

About the program and the St. Joseph icon

Every few years, the Knights of Columbus selects an icon of a saint whose patronage is particularly inspiring to Knights and their communities. Chosen icons travel from council to council and serve as a centerpiece for prayer services in parishes throughout the Order. 

The St. Joseph icon, blessed by Pope Francis, is the latest icon to be part of the program. And it made a week-long stop at St. Isaac’s, during which time, dozens of Knights and other parishioners had an opportunity to view the icon.

The icon image shows St. Joseph standing with his eyes cast humbly down, but with a determined strength in his face. In his covered arm he bears the Child Jesus, whose own hand is raised, blessing the world. In his right arm, St. Joseph holds a flowering staff, a sign that he was chosen by God. The white lilies of the staff signify his purity and chastity.

Taken together, the icon provides a window into the life and mission of this courageous father, a man who was one of us and yet called to a mission of incomparable significance.

Finally, the Knights would like to extend a very sincere thank you to Deacon Dan for leading us in prayer!